Teaching teams work closely together to plan and deliver curriculum. Term planning of Literacy, Numeracy and Integrated Units of work along with weekly level planning meetings enable teachers to meet the learning needs of all children. Teaching approaches, strategies and assessments are comprehensively planned at team level to maximise student learning.

Teachers often teach in teams sharing responsibilities for a range of student groups both within and across classes. Students benefit from a range of support and expertise so where possible in the school we open up learning spaces to enable team teaching.


Principal - Rukshana Verzijl

Assistant Principal - Marie Beale


Foundation (Prep)
Foundation FCB - P1A Michelle Cohen-Beavis

Foundation FB   - P1B Emily Banfield

Foundation FP - P1C Charlotte Pile

Foundation FL - P1D Elizabeth Langdon



Years 1 & 2

Jumior M - P2A Anthony Mead

Junior G -  P2B Shelby Goodwin

Junior P - P2C Megan Pepprell

Junior E - P2D Franca Elliott

Junior K - P2E Tiffany Knoll

Junior N - P3A Ashley Nyssen


Middle: Years 3-4

Middle A - Rm1 Mary Atmatsidis
Middle T - Rm 3 Beth Thomas

Middle M - P3B Bianca Mason

Middle C - P3C Brooke Cousins

Middle R - P3D Amy Roworth


Senior: Years 5-6

Senior B - Rm 2 Andrew Beaton

Senior K - Rm 4 Sue Kitchingham

Senior C - Rm 5 Karla Coad

Senior Mc - Rm 6 Brigid McConville



Performing Arts - Sheryl Taylor

PE - Ian McCall

Visual Arts - Nadine King

Auslan - Heather Mills

Enviroment - Meg Moore

Literacy Support

Liz Meade


Deaf Facility

Facility Coordinator - Simon Shepherd


Teachers of the Deaf

Heather Saynor

Julie Stanley

Tracy Allen


Office Administration

Shirley Warren - Business Manager

Sandi Spaulding

Leanne Wadsworth


Learning Support

Beryle Tidey

Kathy Alsop

Nermine Yacoub

Marina Stahl

Callum Beal



Fiona Ackerly


Multicultural Education Aide