Priority order of placement

At Eastwood Primary, students are enrolled in the following priority order:

  1. Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school.
  2. Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time.
  3. Due to our school enrolment restriction, students who reside nearest the school.
  4. Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.
  5. All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.
  6. In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds.

Designated Neighbourhood Boundry Map

Rukshana Verzijl

Eastwood Primary & Deaf Facility

Ph: 9870 6103



Transition from Pre School to Eastwood

As your child is getting close to school age it's time to consider the next step in their growth, starting their primary school education, you may have some questions you want to ask...

  • How do I enrol?
  • How old must my child be before starting school?
        How do I choose a school for my child?
  • How can I prepare my child for school?

If you would like a hand to get started please call us, we're happy to help and can make the transition from kinder to school quick and easy for you.


Call us now on 9870 6103 or send an email on eastwood.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

We are happy to assist with your child's enrolment with the following, or call the office for personal help.


Download enrolment forms here. A full information pack is available from the school office.


School Entry Age in Victoria: A child must be five years of age by 30 April 2017 to be eligible for enrolment in a Victorian Government School.

From Pre-School to School

The transition from early childhood education to school is supported by:

Building relationships with local pre-schools and childcare centers

  • Fostering a child’s relationships with teachers and other children
  • Building on the learning experiences that the child brings with them
  • Welcoming the family unit to the Eastwood community