School Council Sub-Committees 2015/16

Eastwood Primary School

2015/2016School Council and Sub-Committees


School Council

President–Robert Dark

School councils play a key role in the effectiveness of government schools in Victoria by:

  • engaging the local community in the life of the school
  • setting the vision, strategic direction and identity of the school
  • ensuring sound governance of the school
  • reporting annually to the school community on the activities of the school.

Elected Members of School Council are expected to attend one evening meeting of the whole council each month.  In addition they attend at least one meeting of a particular sub-committee per month, or as necessary. School Council membership brings with it a responsibility to work in the interests of all students in our school community.



Sub–Committees are convened by a member of School Council and rely on parent and teacher involvement to be effective.


This sub-committee provides a forum for members of the school community to be involved in activities and projects which support the school curriculum.  This may include communicating the progress of the strategic plan to the community and planning special events or activities which complement the whole school program for both parents and students.

Develops and reviews school policy providing information about policies to the community.


Convenor – Alex White

This sub-committee oversees the maintenance and development of the built and natural school environment (play spaces, buildings), to make it safe, clean and fun.

 EP&F (Eastwood Parents and Friends)

Convenor – Karen Gabel

SC representative – Stacey Rowe

This sub-committee’s role is to strengthen links between parents, staff, students and the broader community so people feel they are a part of a supportive and enjoyable school community.  The primary focus is on activities such as social events, parent information sessions, school community events, celebrations and practical help for families. Classroom Reps are members of EP&F.

EP&F raises money above what is provided by the Government and School Levies, to assist with the development of school activities and projects. This may be done through fundraising events (such as fetes, raffles, food stalls, trivia nights) and donations of goods/services/money.


Convenor – Serena Fraser

The Finance Committee oversees the school finances and provides recommendations to School Council.


Convenor –

This sub-committee promotes a whole school approach to wellbeing, healthy eating and an active lifestyle; and oversees School Council’s role in the  Chaplaincy program. The committee organises Walk to School Weeks, works with the Canteen manager to ensure a healthy menu, reviews the Food and Nutrition Policy, and works closely with community groups such as NutritionAustralia. The group oversees the Safety House program and also considers any issues related to traffic management around the school to ensure safety of the whole community particularly children. This may include proper use of drop off zones, school crossings, footpaths, and traffic signs.  There is a strong emphasis on encouraging children/ parents to walk to and from school.       


If you are interested in finding out about or being more involved in any of these committees please contact the convenors.